Photos Of Uber Drivers Who Went All Out


The Adventure Of The Missing Purse

One unlucky passenger wandered out of their Uber and proceeded to leave their purse behind. When the driver returned her purse, the passenger looked at her phone and saw all these cool pictures snapped of her purse in different locations. It seems the little bag went on quite the adventure.

Doppelgänger Bird

Uber drivers can be full of surprises. In the world of Uber, it is all about making a name for yourself. This driver had in his possession a little bird that looked exactly like an aging Jack Nicholson. He wanted to get those five-star ratings and in and effort to do so, he brought the little bird with him. It was an immediate hit with the passengers.

Got Lost

How this happened is beyond anyone’s guess. Somehow this driver took a wrong turn, drove on to the beach and just continued right into the ocean. Now he is in the control of the current and is slowly trying to turn around and pick up his waiting passenger. Look in the messages how he assures his client that he is lost, but will be back soon.

Dedicated Employee

Let’s face it, most employees just aren’t dedicated to their work. They sit around, slack off and often times skip days. This man is what everyone should strive to be. He is an absolutely dedicated employee. He loves his job so much that he got a haircut that would represent his company full time. We imagine the folks back in the Uber offices are very proud of him.

Super Uber 64

Nothing could be cooler than climbing into an Uber and seeing a TV screen that is showing Super Mario 64. At this point, you’re all in the game and you can just forget you’re even in an Uber or on the road going to a certain location. This guy is definitely getting a high rating. The effort that it must take to fit a TV into your car and then actually connect a Nintendo 64 is beyond me.

Studying While Making Money

University can be very expensive and time-consuming. When you’re working your way through college, life is hard. Your rushing back and forth from your school to your workplace and have hardly any time for studying or homework. This guy has made it so that he could write papers while driving. Is it safe? Probably not, but it will save this Uber driver some time.

Retro Uber

Looking back to our 1980’s and 1990’s childhood, there seemed like nothing more serene and peaceful than laying down and looking up at the glow in the dark stars that were plastered on our bedroom ceiling. This guy wanted to spark our nostalgia and did so by plastering these stars on the roof of his car. Nobody could help but feel warm and fuzzy feelings in his Uber.

Do Not Throw Up

This Uber driver is will to give anyone a lift. Religion, color or political views do not mean anything to this man. He has one rule and one rule only and that is not to throw up. We’re certain that this man has found himself at a local car wash vacuuming vomit out of the backseat of this car. Today, he isn’t taking any chances with people. If you show up looking like you might throw up, he might just drive off.

Uber 2.0

Uber in America can be very high class. You have dogs, video game systems and even a bottle of water. That said, if you go to the Middle East, Uber is functional on a whole different level. Here is a photo of an Uber driver’s car in Dubai. Now this is how you Uber in style. Imagine leaving the club and having this baby waiting for you outside. No one is gonna withhold from getting into this car.

No Need To Come Prepared

When you have this Uber driver swooping you up at night, you don’t need to be prepared because they’ll have everything you need. Perhaps you ate something a bit too spicy, he’s got Tums. Maybe you have bad breath on a hot date, no matter because this guy has Tic Tacs. Those are just two essential items. This guy is basically driving around with your bathroom cabinet.

Close Ride

Sometimes you reach the end of the night and you are completely out of your mind. You can be right down the street and you might find yourself in need of an Uber ride. This person was literally feet away from their front door but decided they needed a ride. Instead of just backtracking a few feet, the Uber driver drove them around the block and got $4.28 for their work.

Love At First Sight

One could have only wondered went on in the minds of the driver and passenger as their eyes met while Marvin Gaye blasted over the radio. For her, it was obviously an awkward moment and we see that from her tweet. For him, it might have been something very special. He drives around eternally hoping to pick up the girl who made eye contact with him.

Only In New York

You’ve order and Uber and outside waiting for you, you see this gentleman. He looks like he might be a member of the Mafia and even his car has an odd look to it. Perhaps he was on the way to dump something off in the woods and decided to make some Uber cash on the way. If you saw this guy waiting for you, would you get into that car?

Retro Uber Gaming

While the Nintendo 64 was quite impressive, this is definitely one that will hit closer to your childhood. Imagine going into an Uber and being struck with something you haven’t laid eyes on since the early 1990’s. Nobody is going to finish Zelda during their short Uber ride, but it’ll be fun to explore the map a bit and make a little bit of progress.

Uber Knowledge

When we enter an Uber, we are usually on guard and can’t imagine anything about the person’s life who is driving us. We kind of imagine living in this separate existence where their whole entire life exists but to drive from one destination to another. When don’t imagine them listening to music and having a social life? That said, this comment reassures us that they aren’t really different from you and me.

An Uber Halloween

Halloween is one of the most festive holidays. People decorate their houses in a very scary manner, take to the streets in scary costumes and even go to haunted houses and mazes. Things get really beautiful when your Uber driver adds to the magic. This Uber driver was likely instantly loved by the people he was driving around.

Spooky Decorations For Uber

This Uber driver didn’t exactly get dressed up in a costume and it probably had something to do with driving safely. Instead of dressing himself, he has dressed up his car in Halloween decorations. Look how satisfied this passenger looks. He is absolutely having the time of his life and will definitely be leaving this guy a first class rating.

Hoping For The Best

Tyler Coates wasn’t thinking about his mortality when he got up in the morning, but worry started setting in when his Uber driver asked him what a yield sign meant. At that point, he probably buckled up and held on tight. Luckily he escaped the situation and was able to tweet about his experience. Keep in mind folks, somewhere out there is an Uber driver  who knows absolutely nothing about driving.

Bring On The Dogs

Most everyone loves a good puppy. It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, a dog will take any situation and make it more lighthearted. When this Uber driver announced that they were going to bring along their service dog, this passenger had absolutely no problem with it, and why would he? Uber drivers far and wide, bring your dogs along for the ride.

Driver And Passenger Relations

Some people have regular Uber drivers that they deal with easily. Pretty soon the interactions between a customer and driver turns into something much deeper. Soon you guys are shooting back and forth about serious life issues. Your Uber driver becomes a shoulder for you to cry on, but still you keep things professional. This customer actually got a Christmas card from his driver.

I Love You

In an effort to avoid paying a ticket this man told the law that his passenger was actually a relative. The man in the car was unknowingly taking part in a crime. Avoiding a slap on the hand a ticket, the driver thanked his partner and crime and beat the system. Was this worth the “I love you”? We think it definitely was.

Supply And Demand

When Uber drivers supply you with a wonderful driving experience, they are probably in the right to demand from you a really high review. This driver didn’t know who he’d be picking up but decided to be prepared for all sorts of individuals. You have some Advil for the business type, multiple phone chargers, candy for passengers with a sweet tooth and even hand lotion.

More Puppies

If you are an Uber driver with a dog, do the world a favor and take your dog with you. You won’t only be doing the world a favor, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by getting good reviews and high rating. If you get a person that dislikes dogs, you probably don’t want to give them a ride anyway because what kind of person seriously doesn’t like dogs.

The Ultimate Uber Experience

This Uber driver set out to give his passengers the ultimate Uber experience. We’re talking multiple-game selection, multiple screens that will have different uses, lotions and a wastebasket. He has turned his ride into a full-blown entertainment center. if this guy ever got a bad review, it was probably for the clutter that all his electronics caused. Really though, who would complain.

Tempting Tips

While we all do it, nobody exactly gets an extreme amount of delight out of tipping anyone. This driver feels our pain and knows how unpleasant it can be. That said, he left this little message that will tempt people into putting money in his jar just to see how it feels. I’m sure once they actually gave up their dollars, they weren’t exactly feeling any better.

Organic Seat Heater

When you slip into your Uber ride and feel warmed seats, you really feel like your riding in the lap of luxury. These feelings will quickly die out once your driver tells you that they aren’t heated and in fact, someone just got out. While it will initially feel like a huge disappointment, you’ll still get the secret joy out of feeling warm and snub in a freshly sat on seat.

Spreading The Christmas Cheer

Christmas cheer is something that spreads from person to person during the holiday season and we’d say that this Uber driver is doing his part in spreading that cheer. That gigantic cotton cloud surrounded in light looks downright amazing. That said, I think the real gem is that little village below it. It certainly does cause a bit of cheer. Ubers go all out for the holiday season. Next thing you’ll see is a car covered in Christmas lights.

Uber Antics

Put yourself in the shoes of an Uber driver. He can probably get pretty bored driving around all day. He has to keep himself entertained by any means. This Uber driver has done so by making car noises while driving in and out of lanes. We imagine spending so much time in your car can really change you. He probably feels at one with his car.

Radio Freedom

Uber has created opportunities for many people. This deaf driver already has the desire destination on his phone. All he has to do is pick up the passengers and drop them off. He isn’t bothered by the loud group coming from the party or the music being turned up too loud. He has to get this point across to his clients and this note was a perfect way.

Time To Take A Vacation

Maybe this Uber driver looked particularly tired or stressed out when he picked up this passenger because he has obviously left an impact. Over the course of a few days, this passenger checked up on the guy who gave him a lift. While some would appreciate this man’s gesture, others would be a little annoyed for sure. This Uber driver looks like he’s just going with the flow.