Astonishing Photos From North Korea

Korea was divided into North and South Korea after World War II. The south became a democracy and the north became communist. With a very powerful dictatorship in place, North Korea has become a tragic mystery to most. Although illegal and dangerous, some people have been able to take pictures inside the country. Check out this list to uncover some of the mysteries of this highly censored country.

Equal Gender Rights

Although many outsiders believe that rights are limited in North Korea, surprisingly gender rights are very equal amongst the sexes. North Korea has laws on equality, that provide equal women’s rights at work, rights on sharing and inheriting property and a right to free marriage and divorce. North Korea has also outlawed polygamy. As of 2015, women are also required to enlist in the military, same as their male counterparts. There are also many women in high ranking positions (although many are related to the country’s leaders).