Meet the Newest Products Made From Recycled Materials and Reconsider Your Buying Habits

Since childhood have we been told to “Reduce Reuse Recycle.” A lot has happened since then in terms of the environment, and so manufacturers have been taking steps to take the “Reuse” part of the mantra to the next level. From shoes made from tires to cloth dolls made from fabric scraps, more and more brilliant ideas have been coming about. Purchasing such items not only helps reduce the amount of matter that ends up as landfill but also makes you feel good about yourself because you made a purchase from a small company. Let’s take a look at some of these newest products that will quickly take the place of your mass-produced goods.

1. Keen Harvest Collection Messenger Bag

Everyone needs a new messenger bag as they’re both great to use as carry-ons and for everyday use for the remote worker. The Keen Harvest Collection, which also includes wallets and totes, got creative with their materials and uses pre-consumer automobile side airbags for their product. This makes for an especially durable bag that is a great way of reusing car parts that would otherwise end up in the junkyard.

2. Dakine Switch 21 Liter Backpack

At this point in time, everyone knows that much of the plastic we consume ends up in the ocean and into the bodies of wildlife. The picture of a whale’s stomach entirely filled with plastic has gone viral, making sure that no one can ignore this problem anymore. Dakine Switch makes large backpacks that are perfect for long trips. Not necessarily your thing? You can also purchase a tote, carry-on luggage, or a duffle bag.

Meet the Newest Products Made From Recycled Materials and Reconsider Your Buying Habits

3. Looptworks Leather iPad Covers

Looptworks is an industry pro when it comes to utilizing recycled materials. They have come up with creative ways of using all sorts of scraps, from recycled polyester to neoprene wetsuits. These upcycled iPad covers are built from excesses of shoe leather that was disposed of by large manufacturers, all because it had natural imperfections. This is exactly the type of discard that can come up to 4500 pounds per day from just one factory! If you ever needed a better reason than screen protection to get a cover for your tablet, this is it.

4. Green Toys Playsets

Toys are a surprisingly large source of waste, which makes sense given how quickly children outgrow them. In fact, the average kid will go through at least 50 toys throughout their childhood. This is a huge amount of wastage, and besides new studies have shown that children with fewer toys develop better. But if you must give a toy to a child, select one of the Green Toys playsets that are made entirely out of recycled milk jugs.

Meet the Newest Products Made From Recycled Materials and Reconsider Your Buying Habits

5. ReCycle Bikes

You wouldn’t necessarily think of bicycles when you considered what sort of products could be made out of recycled materials, but that’s exactly what ReCycle bikes did. Though their bikes aren’t entirely from recycled materials, they do collect aluminum and cork to create the body of the vehicles. If this wasn’t a good enough excuse to start biking, which you should include in your routine on some level, be it to commute to work or to do your weekly shopping.

6. Vinylux LP Record Clock

The vinyl records of the past came back in style around the mid naughties, but have become obsolete yet again. This is where Vinylux comes in to play. This company creates fully functional clocks out of donated records that are scratched or otherwise unusable. To ensure minimal wastage, they also make bowls, mirrors, scrapbooks, and ornaments.