4 Ways to Create the Best Possible Compost For Your Home Environment

Today, it is no longer a question of whether or not you should be composting, but instead, the manner in which you can compost based on your home. Composting will be an entirely different game if you live in a studio apartment with a shared bathroom than if you dwell in a large estate with your family. But no matter where it is that you reside, it is more than feasible to create a perfect composting environment for your organic waste.

Closed bins to keep it nice and tidy

Covered composting bins are generally made from recycled plastic and come in all sorts of shapes, from square to cylindrical. The main feature that they share is that they have a lid to close the container, making for the ideal setting to build a cold compost. Be aware, however, that they cannot be used for hot composting because the closed environment means that the required temperature cannot be maintained. The containers also hold a limited volume of material and thus are not suitable for large families or sprawling gardens. Harvesting from a closed bin can be a bit of a hassle because the openings are only one foot above soil level and don’t usually have a bottom, so the compost itself will fall out when you lift the bin.

4 Ways to Create the Best Possible Compost For Your Home Environment

Pit compositing for low-maintenance gardeners

Pit composting is essentially the original form of compositing. The basic technique is quite simple. Simply dig a fairly deep hole or a trench in the place that you would like your compost to form and to drop your organic matter in it, where it will decompose over the course of six months to a year. You can even dump the weeds you so carefully pulled in your soon to be rich compost, provided that they don’t see the light of day. This method is full of advantages. For instance, you don’t need to invest much labor or effort into maintaining it as the whole process happens on its own. Also, you can use it in the exact locations that you would like to enrich without having to mess around with moving large piles of mulch to your garden beds once they’re ready. Also, unlike using the closed bin method, you will not be limited as to how much of this type of compost you can produce.

4 Ways to Create the Best Possible Compost For Your Home Environment

Tumblers for easy turning

Composting tumblers are large bins made of either metal or plastic and take away what is perhaps the most obnoxious part of composting: turning it around so that it may decompose evenly. They are an excellent solution for people who live in smaller urban settings and can’t have a large pile of compost rotting in their yard. However neat and tidy this method may be, it comes with one main challenge: it is incredibly challenging to harvest all of the compost out of the bin because of its design. To facilitate the composting process, it is highly recommended to throw in a couple of shovelfuls of soil because this particular method of organic decomposition doesn’t allow for direct access to dirt.

Vermicomposting for small spaces

Vermicomposting is the ideal method for indoor composting. As a rapid method, you won’t get stuck with a large bin full of decomposing materials that may or may not smell terrible, depending on the contents of the matter in question. The way to do this is to bury your waste under moistened bedding material made of either straw, dead leaves, or shredded paper. Red wigglers are the best type of worm for this purpose and will happily eat your food scraps, leaving perfect compost for you to use in your herb garden.